Public Footpaths in Wingerworth


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Footpath Number Location Length Information
1 Matlock Road (342673) at Stone Edge Plantation in NW direction to parish boundary (339676) 427m ‘Stone Edge’ bus stop, gap in wall, field path through bracken and woodland, wet in places, exit by stone wall squeezer stile on edge of golf course.
2 Nethermoor Road (381665) in N direction along Hockley Lane to road junction with lodge house at junction with Longedge Lane (381675) 1123m Junction of Nethermoor Road and Deerlands Road tarmac pavement, stony track, further tarmac surface to exit at ‘lodge pillars’ west of All Saints Church.
3 Matlock Road (341670) in SE direction to marker post at parish boundary (343670) 206m North side of Glendale House, metal kissing gate, wooden stile and boardwalk, two marker posts, wicket gate exit.
4 Matlock Road (345678) in SE direction along track to S of Stone Edge Farm then NW to Matlock Road (342672)Stopping up order (part) 2007 956m Stony track, two bridle gates adjacent cattle grids to Stone Edge Farm, marker post, through farmyard, two stone-wall stiles, ‘green lane’ to ascending path, stone-wall stile, exit opposite Darley Road.
5 Stone Edge Farm (345672) from path 4 in SE direction to path 6   W of Gorsey Place (347672) 202m Stone-wall stile entrance, field path descending to stone-wall stile, sleeper bridge, marker post at junction with path 6.  
6 Parish boundary (347669) W of Gorsey Place in NE direction exit Nether House Farm drive (351673) 874m Stone-wall stile, path through garden, stone-wall stile, stony track to exit by farm drive.
7 Malthouse Lane (382670) NW of Salem Chapel in SW direction by Stubbing Court Home Farm then NW and W exiting at parish boundary with Sleigh Wood (351668) 1201m Stone-wall steps to stony track, metal hand gate, kissing gate, marker post, field path to stone-wall stile exit at parish boundary
8 Malthouse Lane(355674) E of Steep Lane in NE direction crossing path 9 at Pearce Hill Plantation to Swathwick Lane (363678) 947m Stone-wall stile entrance, field path to marker post, wooden boardwalk, kissing gate, footbridge over Tricket Brook, wicket gate, rail stile, field path, wooden stile, two wicket gates, exit by wooden stile opposite path 14.
9 Swathwick Lane (356678) SW of Harper Hill House in SE direction between Harper Hill Plantation and Clayton Nether Wood through Pearcehill Plantation crossing path 8 to junction of lanes (363673) 927m Entrance adjacent ‘Longlands’ by wooden stile, field path through woodland, two wooden stiles, exit at junction of Watson Lane and Pearce Lane.
10 Parish boundary (356682) SE of Broadgorse Farm in SE direction to Swathwick Lane E of Harper Hill House (357679) 300m Wooden ‘sleeper’ footbridge and steps at parish boundary, field path, two wooden stiles, exit by stone squeezer stile on Swathwick Lane
11 Swathwick Lane (357679) S of Harper Hill House in SE direction by Clayton Nether Wood to join path 8 (361677) 471m High stone-wall stile opposite Harper Hill House Farm, field path, wooden stile, wicket gate, three further wooden stiles to junction with path 8
12 Malthouse Lane (359674) NE of Stubbing Court in N direction crossing footbridge to path 8 at Pearcehill Plantation (359676) 207m Stone-squeezer stile entrance descending to wooden stile, through woodland, footbridge, ascending path to stone squeezer stile and steps exit at path 8
13 Rear of Ivy Spring Farm (363679) from path 14 at Swathwick in N direction to boundary with Walton Wood (363683) 424m Enclosed path initially then field path to three wooden stiles, stone squeezer stile, exit at parish boundary at stone-slab footbridge
14 Swathwick Lane (363679) in ENE direction between S boundary of Cockshots Wood and rear of Chartwell Avenue, through SE corner of Widdowson Spring Wood to footbridge over Birdholme Brook (372687) 1251m Stone-wall stile entry opposite path 8, enclosed field path, wooden stile, corridor behind house to ‘sleeper’ bridge, stone-wall stile, enclosed path, across playing field, stone-wall squeezer stile, stone-slab footbridge and metal kissing gate at wood end, arable field, concrete-slab footbridge exit
15 Swathwick Lane (365678) in NW direction to path 14 SW of Cockshots Wood (365679) 194m Wooden stile entrance opposite ‘Swathwick Cottage’, field path, exit at path 14
16 Malthouse Lane (362670) in SE direction crossing small stream then NE to exit adjacent ‘Bellamere’ stables (368673) 549m Entry by metal gate opposite Salem Chapel, stone-slab path, stone squeezer stile, wicket gates either side footbridge, field path, exit by stone squeezer stile.
17 Birkin Lane (367668) in NW direction to meet path 16 (366669) 147m Road entrance by 12 step climb opposite Bolehill Lane to stone squeezer stile, field path, exit at maker post on path 16.
18 Birkin Lane (363666) in S direction W of Carr House Farm E of Ivyspring Wood to exit at parish boundary NE of Manor House (362660) 663m Wooden gated entry to stony track, enclosed path right of farm to wooden gate, field path, wooden stile, exit at parish boundary.
19 Bolehill Lane (369663) N of Black Wood in SW direction to parish boundary (362660) 429m Entrance 100m N of quarry, metal gate, field path, 3 wooden stiles, marker post, exit at parish boundary.
20 Birkin Lane (369669) in SW direction then NW to Bolehill Lane (367667) 357m Wicket gate entrance, field path across arable land, stone-wall stile, wicket gate exit at drive to Bay Tree Farm.
21 New Road(373671)  SW direction then S to Birkin Lane (371669) 389m Opposite no.27 New Road, four step descent to wooden stile, descending field path to concrete footbridge over Tricket Brook, rail stile, field path through garden to road exit.
22 Hill Houses Lane (371671) in NE direction to Langer Lane (372675) 363m Stone squeezer stile and wicket gate entrance, field path, wicket gate, stone squeezer stile and stone-slab footbridge, steps, ascending field path to wicket gate exit opposite Barley Mow Inn.
23 No longer exists Development built over footpath - now Eden Street and Lydgate Drive
24 Bolehill Lane (368658) along parish boundary with Redcarr Hillside in SE direction through Britton Wood crossing path 25 to Press Lane (374644) 1610m Stone squeezer stile entry to Hardwick Wood, stone squeezer stile, enclosed field path, metal kissing gate, wooden stile to bracken and woodland, marker post, road exit by gap adjacent to field gate.
25 Ashover Road (376647) NW of Woodthorpe Grange Farm in NW direction through Britton Wood crossing path 24 to parish boundary (372647) 373m Wicket gate entrance opposite path 27, arable field path, wicket gate, ascend through woodland, marker post, exit at wooden stile on parish boundary.
26 Stocksmoor Lane (379656) junction with Martins Lane in SW direction along boundary with Hardwick Wood crossing path 24 to parish boundary (370654) 1003m Marker post entrance to wooden stile, field path, sleeper bridge, stone squeezer stile leading to woodland, steps both sides of footbridge, stone squeezer stile, metal kissing gate, ascending two arable fields to join wooden stile on path 24.
27 Ashover Road (376647) NW of Woodthorpe Grange Farm in S direction to Mill Lane (377643) 420m Tarmac drive to two field gates around farm, field path, wooden stile road exit 25m from entrance to Millfield Mobile Home Park.
28 Stocksmoor Lane (379656) junction with Martins Lane in S direction along edge of Cowlishaw Wood then field path to Ashover Road (377648) 873m Junction with path 26, wicket gate to field path, pass Stocksmoor Farm, veer right at rail, exit by stone squeezer stile E of Ash Tree Cottage.
29 From path 28 (379652) W of Cowlishaw Wood along parish boundary to Ashover Road (380648) 380m Junction path 28,wooden stile by field gate, tarmac drive, metal kissing gate, field path, wicket gate, road exit in hedge.
30 Nethermoor Road (384662) in SSW direction along edge of Carr Plantation to(334656) with path 31 682m Tarmac drive to ‘The Hideaway’, marker post, wicket gate, field path, wooden steps, exit junction BW50.
31 Martins Lane (384656) SE of Carr Plantation in SSW direction through Mulberry Wood to parish boundary (384651) 596m Wooden stile entry to field path, marker post wicket gate, enclosed path, through woodland, exit at parish boundary.
32 Derby Road (391666) generally in NE direction to Mill Lane (397671)Stopping up order (part) 2007 852m Metal field gate entry to green lane, marker post, playing field, three ‘A’ frames to exit by metal field gate.
33 Derby Road (388676) in SW direction to All Saints Church (384675) 360m Tarmac path (greenway) adjacent A61 lay-by with chicanes to Longedge Rise then surfaced pavement to All Saints Church.
34 Longedge Lane (381675) in NE direction to exit on Longedge Lane (382676) 214m Enclosed field path rear of houses on Longedge Lane.
35* Derby Road (385683) in NW direction to parish boundary with River Rother (388685) 349m Opposite 566 Derby Road, descend stone steps to arable field path leading to dam wall then parish boundary with River Rother.
36 Stone bridge over River Rother (396679) at parish boundary in WSW direction to Avenue Works boundary (395679)Stopping up order 1956 176m Stone footbridge entrance to field gate path leading to ‘A’ frame and tunnel under railway.
37 Parish boundary footbridge (397667) over Redleadmill Brook generally in N direction to join path 32 (397671)Diversion (part) 2007 197m Wooden footbridge, stone track to junction with path 32.
38 Mill Lane, Woodthorpe (378642) to parish boundary (378642) 21m Surfaced path opposite Batemans Mill.
39 Belfitt Drive (397667) in W direction to Nethermoor Road (378666) 121m Enclosed surfaced path between houses no. 39 and 41, adjacent no.15 alley way with chicanes to exit S of Smithy Pond.
40 No longer exists awaiting developmentStopping up order 1956 100m S of Hunloke Arms Public House
42 Belfitt Drive (380667) in E direction to Deerlands Road (380667) 68m Surfaced path opposite path 39 between house no.20 and 32, exit Deerlands Road between house no.33 and 35.
45 Adlington avenue (392666) in SE direction to parish boundary with Redleadmill Brook (392665) 135m Field path, marker post, wooden footbridge at parish boundary.
BW47 Nethermoor Road  (381664) in S direction to junction with path28 on Martins Lane (379656) 802m Keep left of farm buildings, cross Tricket Brook onto green lane to junction with BW52 / path28.
BW50 Martins Lane path 31 junction (384656) in W direction to junction path 30 continuing SW / W to join path 25 / 28 / BW47 (379656) 460m Slight descent to bridle gate and footbridge then an ascent to cross roads of paths / bridleway.
BW52 Martins Lane W of Beresford Park Farm (385656) W to junction path 31 (384656) 105m Gap adjacent to field gate along stony track to junction with path 31.
54** Junction path 36 (349672)  adjacent railway line in SE direction exit on Mill Lane (397671) 600m Field path adjacent railway lane exit.
59 Junction path 6 (351673)  initially NW then SW and finally SE at Gorsey Place W of parish boundary (347669) 341m Stony track from junction path 6 to parish boundary at Gorsey Place.

* Temporary footpath closure extension until 31st March 2017 or sooner if remediation work completed at former Avenue Coking Works

**Claim accepted by DCC awaiting notification from Legal Services of definitive map status.

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