Parish Councillors


Members of the Council

Cllr Diana Ruff (Chair) 10 Longedge Lane, Wingerworth S42 6PD 01246-278696
Cllr Pat Antcliff Hollycroft, 30 Nethermoor Road, Wingerworth S42 6LJ 01246-540341
Cllr Colin Berry 66 Nottingham Drive, Wingerworth S42 6WD 01246-271242
Cllr Kevin Broughton The Bower, 25 Elm Tree Drive, Wingerworth S42 6QD 01246-201402
Cllr Michael Hardman 10 Lodge Drive, Wingerworth S42 6PG 01246-273320
Cllr Cecilia Harper 8 Welbeck Drive, Wingerworth, S42 6SN 01246-238584
Cllr Chris Hutchings 24 Ridd Way, Wingerworth S42 6UX 01246-206097
Cllr Anne Knyhynyckyj 34 Windsor Drive, Wingerworth S42 6TJ 01246-273571
Cllr Nick Knyhynyckyj 34 Windsor Drive, Wingerworth S42 6TJ 01246-273571
Cllr Margaret Millar 62 Nottingham Drive, Wingerworth S42 6WD 07769-663752
Craig Hodgson 226 Longedge Lane, Wingerworth, S42 6PS 07411 726287
Cllr Geoff Ruff (HW) 10 Longedge Lane, Wingerworth S42 6PD 01246-278696
Trevor Collins  (A) 71 Chartwell Avenue, Wingerworth, S42 6SR 01246 520436

Andy Pashley (W)

26 Longedge Lane, Wingerworth S42 6NX  

07585 950742

Charlotte Taylor, Clerk 36 Hawksley Avenue, Chesterfield S40 4TW

07834 390171

All Councillors represent Wingerworth Ward apart from
A – Adlington, HW – Hardwick Wood and W – Woodthorpe

Membership of Committees and Advisory Groups

Finance & General Purposes Committee:
Cllrs Diana Ruff, Cecilia Harper, Anne Knyhynckyj, Michael Hardman with the Clerk
Standards & Governance Committee:
Cllrs Diana Ruff, Cecilia Harper, Nick Knyhynckyj, Kevin Broughton, Chris Hutchings, Pat
Antcliff with the Clerk
Health and Safety Committee:
Cllrs Cecelia Harper, Kevin Broughton, Anne Knyhynckyj, Geoff Ruff, Margaret Millar with the Clerk
Premises Committee:
Cllrs Diana Ruff, Cecilia Harper, Anne Knyhynckyj, Pat Antcliff, Kevin Broughton, Geoff
Ruff with the Clerk
Wingerworth Churchyard Committee:
Cllrs Pat Antcliff, Chris Hutchings, Cecelia Harper, Nick Knyhynckyj with the rector, PCC
representatives and the Clerk

Planning Advisory Group:
Cllrs Diana Ruff, Cecilia Harper, Anne Knyhynckyj, Margaret Millar
Footpaths Advisory Group:
Cllrs Kevin Broughton, Geoff Ruff, Mike Sims, David Selkirk with the Clerk
Floral Advisory Group:
Cllrs Diana Ruff, Cecilia Harper, Colin Berry
Youth Activities and Engagement Advisory Group:
Cllrs Anne Knyhynckyj, Michael Hardman
Playing Fields Advisory Group:
All Members with the Clerk
Council Representative to Wingerworth Allotment Holders' Association:
Cllr Colin Berry (substitute Cllr Kevin Broughton)

Register of Members Interests - opens up the North East Derbyshire District Council website


Clerk to the Council:

Charlotte Taylor 07834 390171

Bookings Secretary:

Jan Hutchings 01246 206097

Assistant Caretakers:

Tracey Watts 07518 061739

Eric Marriott 01246 200469

Parish Hall Postcode: S42 6TB
Wingerworth Library: 208345


Parish Council phone numbers to be used in emergencies at the Parish Hall

First option

Eric Marriott 01246 200469

Second option

Tracey Watts 07518 061739

Last resort

Charlotte Taylor 07834 390171

What is the Wingerworth Parish Council?


The Parish Council is a body of 14 people elected to represent the residents of Wingerworth. Parish Councillors normally serve a four year term. The current term ends this year with elections for the next four year term taking place on 7 May 2015.

What does the Parish Council do?
The Council seeks to improve life in the community by providing high quality services and by looking after the interests of the community. However it is not able to make decisions in areas that are the responsibility of other branches of government, such as the County Council or District Council, and is unable to determine the policies and decisions of the other statutory bodies such as the providers of health services. 

What specific areas are covered by Wingerworth Parish Council?

The Council provides facilities for the community including:

• The Parish Hall
• The Allotments
• The Cricket Ground and Pavilion
• Football Fields
• Tennis Courts
• The Bowling Green and Pavilion
• The Wall (or Lodge) Pond
• Playing Fields
• Children’s Play Areas 

It also maintains bus shelters in the Parish and organises special events such as the Remembrance Day Ceremony and the Christmas Service. 

What else does the Wingerworth Parish Council do?

The Council helps to improve the environment with floral displays, the maintenance of certain pieces of public land and the maintenance of the churchyard.

It acts in a stewardship role for the 40 footpaths in the Parish and for the many trees in the Parish especially those covered by Tree Protection Orders.

It tries to keep the Parish clean and tidy with the provision of litter bins and dog bins and also provides grit in bins and to neighbourhood groups to help combat wintry conditions on the roads.

It tries to make the Parish a safer and more secure place by liaising with the Police and working with the Safer Neighbourhood Partnership and it makes recommendations to the Highways Authority on road safety matters.

It tries to protect and preserve the character of Wingerworth by monitoring all planning applications and proposed developments and making comments to the relevant regulatory bodies.

It tries to encourage a range of activities and organisations in the local community through the provision of facilities and occasional small donations to community groups and is particularly keen to provide more opportunities for young people in the Parish. 

How is the Parish Council funded?

The Parish Council generates revenue through the hiring out and letting of its facilities and earns small amounts of income with full cost contracts undertaken for other parties. In addition it seeks funding from external sources. However the majority of its funding comes through a very small proportion of the Council Tax paid by residents of Wingerworth.

What does the Parish Council do with its share of the Council Tax?
The Parish Council’s share of the Council Tax is just over £130,000 and this goes almost entirely on the costs of providing services and in the Parish and the associated staffing costs. There is a very small amount donated to organisations that make a contribution to the well-being of the Parish. 

What sort of people are the Councillors?

Parish Councillors live or work in Wingerworth and are willing to give up their free time to attend meetings, meet people and stand up for what they think is right for the community. Parish Councillors do not get paid although the Chair receives a small annual allowance.

What are the responsibilities of Parish Councillors?
Parish Councillors have to attend meetings of the Council, comply with the Council’s code of conduct, and observe the standing orders and financial regulations of the Council. They have to do their best to serve the interests of Wingerworth, taking into account wherever possible the views of our residents, and make sure that Wingerworth remains a good and safe place in which to live and enjoy life.
How does the Council communicate with the local community?
Overall responsibility for Parish matters resides with the full Council which meets on the first Wednesday of each month other than August. Members of the public are encouraged to attend meetings when a short period is set aside early on for a Public Forum during which time any relevant matters can be raised with Councillors.

The Council has an active website, takes a full page in every issue of Wings and uses notice boards at various points in the Parish to post information. The Council publishes an annual report summarising the work of the previous year and providing financial statements relating to the year. 

What is the future of the Council?

The Government’s stated intention is that parish councils should have more powers and responsibilities devolved to them since they are the councils most closely connected with the electorate. This, together with a broadening remit, should mean that our Parish Council will have an increasing influence on the nature and character of Wingerworth. 

For more information, please contact the Parish Council.

Trevor Collins 

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