Deer Park Play Equipment


Wingerworth Parish Council received grant funding from the LEADER programme to upgrade the play equipment on the Deer Park, this project was completed in conjunction with the Friends of Wingerworth Parks.

Part of this project included extending the paths between the pieces of equipment to make it accessible for all. The gym equipment has also had new bases installed to make it easier to use the equipment throughout the year.

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Consultation on the Provision for Gypsies and Travellers



The Parish Council have been notified of the North East Derbyshire Local Plan Examination Consultation on the Provision for Gypsies and Travellers.

Further information about the consultation and the proposed sites are available on the link below:

The Parish Council are going to hold a public meeting on Saturday 19 January at 11:00am at Wingerworth Parish Rooms, Councillor Barry Lewis, the Leader of Derbyshire County Council and MP Lee Rowley will also be in attendance.


Wingerworth Parish Hall Proposal


Here are the results of the Parish Hall Consultation: acrobat vsmall Parish Hall Consultation Results


Please find attached the latest business plans and supporting documents for Wingerworth Parish Hall 

acrobat vsmall Draft Business Plan - New Build

acrobat vsmall New Build - Supporting Info



acrobat vsmall Draft Business Plan - Remodelling

acrobat vsmall Remodelling - Supporting Info


The Parish Council have been advised of a potential café opening in the Allendale Parade of shops in the not too distant future. This information was shared with the Council after the publication of information sharing the new build and remodelling plans.


Parish Consultation - Update

Following advice from the legal team at North East Derbyshire District Council (NEDDC) that holding the consultation count in front of members of the public would amount to a public announcement, and therefore a breach of the local election Purdah* rules, the consultation count will now take place after the Parish Council elections to allow members of the public to attend and witness the count.

The consultation will still end as planned, and on the 2 April 2019 the polling boxes will be opened at the Parish Rooms in front of any members of the public wishing to attend. The volume of responses received in total will be counted, but no votes will be counted on this date. A representative from NEDDC will collect the responses from the Parish Rooms following the response count and take them to be stored in the Legal Sections locked Deeds Room until the consultation count.

It is planned to hold the consultation count on 7 May 2019 at the Parish Rooms. A representative from NEDDC will deliver the consultation responses to the Parish Rooms for the count to take place, commencing at 9:30am.

Any member of the public wishing to attend either of the counts is requested to contact the Clerk on This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

*Purdah is the pre-election period in the United Kingdom, specifically the time between the announcement of an election and the final election result.

The time period prevents local government from making announcements about any new or controversial government initiatives (such as modernisation initiatives or administrative and legislative changes) which could be seen to be advantageous to any candidates or parties in the forthcoming election.

Where a court determines that actual advantage has been given to a candidate, this may amount to a breach of Section 2 of the Local Government Act 1986.

Planning Applications


North East Derbyshire District Council’s planning department will only take into account 'material planning considerations' when looking at your comments or objections to a planning application. The most common of these (although this is not an exhaustive list) are shown below:

  • The site being outside of the settlement development line.
  • Impact on landscape.
  • Highway safety.
  • Traffic generation.
  • Impact on existing infrastructure.
  • Intrusion into the countryside that will harm the ecosystem and environment.
  • Foul water/sewage disposal.
  • Surface water/flood risk.
  • Conservation area.
  • Local, strategic, regional and national planning policies.

Wingerworth has more than met its housing number as stated in the Neighbourhood Plan, and in the North East Derbyshire Local Plan. 

Grit Bins


Please click here for information about grit bins and our Winter Neighbourhood Scheme

Derbyshire County Council also have some useful information on their website at:

For information on your nearest grit bin, click on this link:


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