Costings Public Meeting


Public Meeting
Wednesday 26th October 2016
Start time: 8pm – Closing at 9pm
Venue: Main Hall at the Parish Rooms
New Road, Wingerworth

This meeting has been called to address specifically the issue of the costs of renovating the Parish Rooms which were raised as a challenge at the last consultation meeting and is not what would otherwise be a third public consultation on more general matters


Presentation from Mitchell & Procter on the costs and implications of a major renovation/remodelling of the current building and a contrasting of this with the relative costs and benefits of a new building.


acrobat vsmallBudget for Repairs & Upgrades

acrobat vsmallBudget for New Build 

Wingerworth Safer Neighbourhood Team Meeting 6th July 2016


The Wingerworth Safer Neighbourhood Team meets three times a year to listen to concerns and suggestions about a safe and secure Wingerworth

The last meeting took place in March and included seven members of the public along with Parish Councillors and the Police. Various matters were raised after which the following Policing priorities for Wingerworth over the next few months were agreed:

* Work with primary schools in Wingerworth and discuss traffic issues around the school run times;
* Work with the school and carry out patrols during school run times;
* Implement the school road safety campaign following agreement with the schools;
* Run a Community Speed Watch initiative involving local Councillors and residents working alongside the Police.

The next meeting is on Wednesday 6 July 2016 at the Parish Hall starting at 7pm – please attend if you have any questions, concerns or suggestions relating to the common objective of ensuring that Wingerworth is a safe place in which to live, work or visit.

Draft Business Plan for the proposed new Parish Hall for Wingerworth


Draft Business Plan for the proposed new Parish Hall for Wingerworth

Click here to read our Business Plan


Grit Bins


Please click here for information about grit bins and our Winter Neighbourhood Scheme

Derbyshire County Council also have some useful information on their website at:

For information on your nearest grit bin, click on this link:


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